What Kind of Therapist Should I Look For? (Pt. 2)

What are you considering getting help with? Do you have a phobia? Depressed? Are you worried that your child has ADHD? Feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps you have a sexual problem.

Depression. While depression can be effectively treated in a number of ways, certain problems are best treated by someone that specializes in that area. Lots of insight-oriented psychotherapy, while valuable in many respects, probably would not do much for your phobia.

ADHD. This is way over-diagnosed, and while you want someone with expertise, you want to be careful that you don’t find someone who specializes in diagnosing ADHD. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. A behavioral analysis might be in order. Or a family session. In cases where the behavior does not vary markedly between settings, a neuropsychological evaluation can be very effective. This provides valuable data about possible sources of the atttention deficit. An attention deficit is a symptom, with a variety of possible causes. Once the cause is narrowed down, a sound treatment plan can be developed.

Sexual difficulties. These can be largely psychological, the product of longstanding anxieties. Or they may reflect some aspect of a relationship. Sometimes we are simply ignorant about our bodies. Couples therapy can be an excellent way to address aspects of your relationship. But sometimes we might want to consult with a certified sex therapist.

So, it’s not just a matter of finding a good match. That is important, but it does not guarantee that you’ll be getting the treatment you need. You may need to find a therapist with expertise in a particular problem. A good therapist will refer out to a more qualified practitioner when necessary.


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As someone who has psychoanalytic training I see disturbing trends of entitlement in our consumer culture. People confuse self esteem with narcissism. Credit card companies and marketeers of many stripes exploit these weaknesses in our culture and collective psyche. As a result the so-called freedom we enjoy, is actually more akin to a kind of credit serfdom, slavery, where we live in a kind of blissful, but very expensive, ignorance. I hope to get my wife to contribute to the site. She writes plainly. I choose to remain anonymous both for personal and professional reasons.

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