What Kind of Therapist Should I Look For? (Pt. 2)

What are you considering getting help with? Do you have a phobia? Depressed? Are you worried that your child has ADHD? Feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps you have a sexual problem.

Depression. While depression can be effectively treated in a number of ways, certain problems are best treated by someone that specializes in that area. Lots of insight-oriented psychotherapy, while valuable in many respects, probably would not do much for your phobia.

ADHD. This is way over-diagnosed, and while you want someone with expertise, you want to be careful that you don’t find someone who specializes in diagnosing ADHD. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. A behavioral analysis might be in order. Or a family session. In cases where the behavior does not vary markedly between settings, a neuropsychological evaluation can be very effective. This provides valuable data about possible sources of the atttention deficit. An attention deficit is a symptom, with a variety of possible causes. Once the cause is narrowed down, a sound treatment plan can be developed.

Sexual difficulties. These can be largely psychological, the product of longstanding anxieties. Or they may reflect some aspect of a relationship. Sometimes we are simply ignorant about our bodies. Couples therapy can be an excellent way to address aspects of your relationship. But sometimes we might want to consult with a certified sex therapist.

So, it’s not just a matter of finding a good match. That is important, but it does not guarantee that you’ll be getting the treatment you need. You may need to find a therapist with expertise in a particular problem. A good therapist will refer out to a more qualified practitioner when necessary.


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