What’s Your Experience?

I have a year’s experience at Santa Anita Family Service in Monrovia, a community mental health setting, seeing low-fee and court-mandated clients. I also co-led groups in anger management, domestic violence, and pain management.

A year at Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena was invaluable in fine tuning my clinical radar.

Currently I am doing a post-doctoral fellowship at the Wright Institute, a sliding-scale fee clinic near the Museum of Tolerance on Pico Blvd. I also did an internship at WILA last year, both years included intensive training seminars and case conferences.

I recently began seeing people at Rose City Counseling, on Colorado Blvd. near the Paseo. This will be the home of my practice starting in October.

And of course, there’s my education, but that’s another post altogether!


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As someone who has psychoanalytic training I see disturbing trends of entitlement in our consumer culture. People confuse self esteem with narcissism. Credit card companies and marketeers of many stripes exploit these weaknesses in our culture and collective psyche. As a result the so-called freedom we enjoy, is actually more akin to a kind of credit serfdom, slavery, where we live in a kind of blissful, but very expensive, ignorance. I hope to get my wife to contribute to the site. She writes plainly. I choose to remain anonymous both for personal and professional reasons.

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