Why People Seek Help: Five Common Reasons

Here are some common reasons people come in for therapy:

  1. Trouble in relationships. marriage, friendships, coworkers.
  2. Life transitions. Adolescence, marriage, change of career, divorce, empty nest, retirement — each of these phases poses unique challenges.
  3. Anxiety. Many life transitions are tough on the nerves.
  4. Depression. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are depressed. If you are suffering from apathy, difficulty with sleep or sleeping too much, feeling blue, irritable, or lack of motivation that lasts for more than a few days you may be suffering from depression.
  5. Lack of direction. Sometimes people find that they are unhappy about where they are in their lives, confused how they got where they are. Psychotherapy is excellent at addressing such questions in a thoughtful, respectful manner that offers an opportunity for growth.

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As someone who has psychoanalytic training I see disturbing trends of entitlement in our consumer culture. People confuse self esteem with narcissism. Credit card companies and marketeers of many stripes exploit these weaknesses in our culture and collective psyche. As a result the so-called freedom we enjoy, is actually more akin to a kind of credit serfdom, slavery, where we live in a kind of blissful, but very expensive, ignorance. I hope to get my wife to contribute to the site. She writes plainly. I choose to remain anonymous both for personal and professional reasons.

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