Rose City Counseling Center

Rose City is on 595 E. Colorado Blvd., suite 303. It is on the corner of Madison. If you’re looking at the website, it’s in the historical building in the photo. The office has more the feel of a private practice than a clinic.

The center has been established to provide high quality, psychoanalytically oriented, individual psychotherapy services to those who traditionally are not able to afford them and who do not have insurance coverage for mental health treatment. Treatment will be provided by post-doctoral level, registered psychological assistants under the supervision of our staff psychologist.

Rose City Counseling Center (RCCC) provides individual, couple, family, and group psychotherapy. Psychotherapy seeks to treat a variety of emotional and interpersonal problems. It intends to reduce or eliminate certain psychological symptoms, and to improve social and occupational functioning. Unlike medical consultations, it proceeds by having all parties work actively to gain insight into and alter certain maladaptive emotional states and behaviors.

Fees. Our sliding scale fees range from $25 to $80. We do not accept private insurances or Medi-Cal or Medi-Care. Our intention is to provide psychological services to people who cannot afford to come to us in private practice, and who cannot get individual psychotherapy in other settings such as community mental health centers.

Contact. The telephone number is: (626) 793-8609.

Kalea Chapman, Psy.D.


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As someone who has psychoanalytic training I see disturbing trends of entitlement in our consumer culture. People confuse self esteem with narcissism. Credit card companies and marketeers of many stripes exploit these weaknesses in our culture and collective psyche. As a result the so-called freedom we enjoy, is actually more akin to a kind of credit serfdom, slavery, where we live in a kind of blissful, but very expensive, ignorance. I hope to get my wife to contribute to the site. She writes plainly. I choose to remain anonymous both for personal and professional reasons.

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