Eight Domains in Psychology

Eight domains of competence.
Psychologists must pass the national licensing exam before they are licensed. The exam is divided into eight domains. As I’ve said, psychologists do a number of different things. A quick look at these gives you an idea about areas that psychologists are expected to be knowledgeable in. I’ll be writing more about each of the domains.

  1. Biological Bases of behavior
  2. Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behavior
  3. Social and Multicultural Bases of Behavior
  4. Growth and Lifespan Development
  5. Assessment and Diagnosis
  6. Treatment, Intervention, and Prevention
  7. Research Methods and Statistics
  8. Ethical/Legal/Professional Issues

Kalea Chapman, Psy.D.


2 thoughts on “Eight Domains in Psychology

  1. Jason Alan Wells

    Dear Kalea,

    Thanks for posting the eight domains, I would love to see what you have written, to expand upon those Domains. My interest is sparked by an unusual request by a potential Practicum supervisor that I discover and write about how I would apply these domains in actual practice. If you would be willing to share some of your thoughts and writings with me I would be most grateful as a student with much to learn.
    Thank you,
    Jason Alan Wells
    Eugene OR


  2. hi sir, there are some other domains like enviormental, relgious and enviormental psychology.there is also qualitatilve aspects of this world which can be best related to psychology. thanx


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