Don’t Know Much About Biology

A few more thoughts on Biological Bases of Behavior.

That’s what they like to call it. But what does that mean? Since being alive is biological, then isn’t all behavior biological. No? Perhaps not.

What the American Psychological Association means when they refer to biological bases of behavior largely has to do with biochemistry. Which is of course strongly associated with genetics. The effects of which, in turn, are difficult to separate from the way we are brought up.

So, biochemistry, pharmacology, biological and neural bases of stress are all components of this. “Interaction of developmental, gender, ethnic, cultural, environmental, and experiential factors with the biological and psychological functioning, with particular reference to lifestyle and lifestyle modification and behavioral health; effects of health on the immune system.” (From the “Information for Candidates” brochure published by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.)

Kalea Chapman, Psy.D.


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