From the Horse’s Mouth

The tactics of a drug rep, as self explained. The link is chock full of marketing tips you can bet are being used on your primary physicians, not to mention your psychiatrist, if you have one:

“Gift giving is the key,” he said. “You are programmed as a human to reciprocate. You feel obliged to return the favor. As a matter of fact, the smaller the gift, the greater the sense of obligation.

Do you consider samples to be a part of the company’s civic duty? Think again. “Samples are a marketing tool. They always have strings attached. Typically, we would provide two weeks worth of samples, which worked out wonderfully. Just like a drug dealer, the first one is free, and then you’re hooked.

Do you think drug reps are there to provide you with crucial medical information? Fuggedabout it! “I was in your office in order to influence you to prescribe Prozac or Zyprexa. We focussed on providing information to manipulate your prescribing, not to teach you how to treat your patients. Mostly, we wanted to build a good relationship, so that you’d like us. We are the one spot of sunshine in your day, a person who steps in the door and is actually interested in how you’re doing. We’re fun, witty, attractive, and we come bearing gifts. No wonder we’re accepted into your offices.”

Kalea Chapman, Psy.D.


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Clinical Psychologist practicing in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

2 thoughts on “From the Horse’s Mouth”

  1. One thing that I notice over and over about drug reps is how handsome/pretty they are. My sister had a friend who was one (gorgeous woman) who made tons of money “before her time ran out” (i.e., she got too old and haggy). The whole situation is insidious. Sigh.


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