Two Blogrolls: Psychology and Big Pharma

Outstanding blogs.

This is simply a list of blogs where bloggers list some of their favorite blogs. To the right of this entry (or way at the bottom in some browsers) you’ll find two sections: “blogs on big pharma” and “blogs on psychology”. These are, by nature, different from websites.

Blogs on big pharma:

Features Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look. I can’t recommend this one highly enough if you’re at all interested in the latest antics of the pharmaceutical industry. Even just a quick peruse will give you a very well informed flavor of what’s going on out there. That said, the other two blogs are fantastic as well.

Blogs on psychology:

Features the fascinating MindHacks which is chock full of easily digestible, scientifically rigorous, nuggets from all facets of psychology research. The site does a really nice job of combining items of popular interest with tough-minded science. Check it out. That said, the other two blogs are hugely informative as well, though not quite as succinctly packaged.

Kalea Chapman, Psy.D.


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