Am I Depressed? A List of Links

There’s a lot of depressed people out there. It turns out one of the most common Google searches that leads to this blog is, ‘am i depressed’. So I’ve compiled here what I think is an excellent list of resources for the depressed. I hope you’ll take some time to refer to the links. First, some quick definitions, easy to navigate, questions answered. These sites are a good way to orient yourself:

Personal experience, testimonials, special topic Next, these 10 blogs are written by people that are depressed. If you’re feeling alone, these might be of some consolation. They are very well written, informative, and sometimes come with helpful tips. Enjoy.

  1. the splintered mind: Personal experiences with depression among other things. March 13, 2008 entry has some fascinating “placebo videos” which are worth checking out. “Remember pills don’t teach skills.”
  2. depression introspection: Lively blog with lots of commentary on media events as well as personal experiences. Lots of links. Very informative.
  3. finding optimism: Pragmatic, optimistic site that deals with ways to cope with depression. Popular posts include: “Ways to insult someone with depression.”
  4. postpartum progress: A robust blog/website with lots of information on an extremely debilitating form of depression.
  5. walking the black dog: Award winning writing on personal experience with being depressed.
  6. the pursuit of happiness: More award winning writing on experience with being depressed. Also comments on related items in the media, lots of informative links.
  7. my journey with depression: Also award winning. Writes about his journey with bipolar I, self harm, and social anxiety.
  8. furious seasons: Journalist Philip Dawdy writes from personal experience with bipolar disorder. He also covers many important current events related to medication. Also award winning.
  9. time for your meds: A wild ride that captures one person’s experience of what it’s like to have what they call bipolar disorder (manic depression).
  10. save your sanity for later: Really captures the ups and downs of being depressed. Well written, well thought of, and worth reading. You get to every entry through a link that says “You are about to view content that may not be appropriate for minors.

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