Storr on Freud

Just a few points from a very nice review of Anthony Storr’s book on Freud, at Mind Hacks.

  1. Freud had a huge number of ideas that he developed over 40 years. The idea that his ideas have been ‘discredited’ displays ignorance of the sheer body of his work.
  2. Many of his ideas have not stood the test of time, yet some key ones remain very useful to psychologists even today.
  3. His view of human motives was cynical.
  4. He was a master at selecting evidence to support his ideas, but made very little effort to test his ideas by searching for evidence that could disprove them.
  5. Freud claimed to be a scientist, and that claim has not stood the test of time, indeed it has made him the target of ridicule.

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Kalea Chapman, Psy.D.


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