Psychotropic Meds and Withdrawal

Furious Seasons addresses an important and often overlooked topic. What happens when people want to get off their meds after years of use?

So we’re clear on where I’m coming from, I am not arguing that anyone should or shouldn’t be off-meds. That choice belongs to patients almost exclusively, or it should. What I am saying is that in the real world patients do need to come off meds for a variety of reasons and it’s time the mental health industry stopped avoiding the issue. The days when caregivers and patient advocates could blithely assume that once someone was on meds they’d take them for the rest of their lives are over. The meds simply don’t work well enough long enough for enough people for the industry to operate on that assumption any more.

Kalea Chapman, Psy.D.


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Clinical Psychologist practicing in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

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