Schizophrenia and Antipsychotics: A Good Match?

The medical model is not dead. Schizophrenia exists. Those suffering from schizophrenia should not get off their meds. But Furious Seasons has pointed out an interesting study that’s just come out. You can look forward to a rigorous analysis and heated discussion on this at Furious Seasons, probably by today. Here’s the quote:

Last week, Gianna Kali who authors Bipolar Blast brought an academic study to my attention that left me speechless. It’s a paper by Martin Harrow, PhD, and Thomas H. Jobe, MD, both of the University of Illinois College of Medicine’s psychiatry department, and was published last year in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. Its subject is what were the outcomes for people diagnosed with schizophrenia at a Chicago area psychiatric hospital 15 years after their initial diagnosis and treatment. It also takes up the tricky question of who fared better, patients who took antipsychotics consistently or patients who didn’t take antipsychotics at all.

The quick, untricky answer is that the people diagnosed with schizophrenia who didn’t take antisychotics had better outcomes 15 years later than the patients who did take antipsychotics. Yes, you read that right.


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