Virtual Reality to Treat PTSD

Mindhacks points out a New Yorker article that features the use of virtual reality for treating PTSD. Previously we’ve seen less conventional treatments for PTSD, but this is a new one. Check out the Mindhacks piece, it has juicy quotes, like this:

This shows you why you need a trained therapist,” Rizzo said, turning off the machine and watching Aristone, who was bent over, with his hands on his knees, taking deep breaths. “Someone who knows exposure therapy, who knows how little things can set people off. You have to understand the patient. You have to know which stimuli to select. You’d never do what I just did—you’d never flood them. You have to know when to ramp up the challenges. Someone comes in and all they can do is sit in the Humvee, maybe with the sound of wind, and may have to spend a session or two just in that position. For P.T.S.D., it’s really intuitive. We provide a lot of options and put them into the hands of the clinician.

In fact, just go to Mindhacks! A robot that comforts survivors, the decline of a baghdad psychiatric hospital, electronic lovers, virtual paranoia — they’re on top of just about everything.


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