Criticism of Newseek Story on Child Bipolar

Furious Seasons (two separate posts) comments:

while it is an article filled with lots of detail and heart, it is also one of the worst pieces of journalism on the alleged disorder that I have ever seen.

Even more discouraging is the magazine’s handling of the most controversial diagnosis in all of psychiatry and psychology. The author, Mary Carmichael, admits a few times in the piece that the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in kids is controversial and that some doctors feel it’s overdiagnosed (since it doesn’t even exist in the DSM, it’s overdiagnosed by definition). However, Carmichael doesn’t include a single quote from a single critic of the child bipolar disorder paradigm.

Newsweek cover story on bipolar depression in kids has come under some heavy criticism. Peter Kramer, author of Listening to Prozac, comments:

A note regarding diagnosis: Yes, the Newsweek text and headlines are pitched to an interest in bipolar disorder, but who knows what this kid has?


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