Pharmacies to Sell Patient Records in California?

This is verbatim from a Furious Seasons post. It is extremely important news for consumers in California especially:

Pharmacies in California would be allowed to sell confidential patient prescription information to third-party marketing firms working for drug companies under a bill expected to be voted on Thursday by the state Senate.

“The legislation would allow pharmaceutical firms to send mailings directly to patients. Supporters of the proposal say the intent is to remind patients to take their medicine and order refills. But consumer privacy advocates are outraged.”

Is there simply no quit in the sales tactics of the pharma companies? I doubt that too many adults need to be sent reminders to take their meds each day. It’s time for “America’s pharmaceutical research companies,” as Montel Williams puts it, to get the hell out of peoples’ private lives. They already know what our docs prescribe anyway. Enough is enough.

We ban drug dealers and users to keep them away from schools. Why would we let these drug pushers into our homes and medical records?


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Clinical Psychologist practicing in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

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