And So It Goes…

Dr. Carlat at it again. Here’s his take on Continuing Medical Education. It’s been said many times, but this is so to the point:

As I described last year in thei New York Times op-ed, much of the continuing medical education (CME) industry in the United States is a legalized money laundering operation. Rather than paying doctors directly to give accredited CME courses (which is illegal), drug companies pay third party companies to create the courses. The checks are actually written by the education company, but the ultimated source is clearly the sponsoring pharmaceutical company. The drug industry has gravitated to this form of marketing because they realize that doctors are more likely to believe information in CME courses than information from drug reps.

Perhaps this won’t be the case by the time psychology CEs are being pitched at prescribing psychologists. There have been some encouraging signs lately in regards to CMEs.


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