FDA and Child Bipolar

Philip over at Furious Seasons is on a rant about the FDA legitimizing the childhood bipolar diagnosis, one which does not yet occur in the DSM. Essentially, it sounds like the rationale is that since they’ve approved studies about medicating the disorder and approved dosages of Abilify and Risperdal with children — then the disorder exists. Today Furious Seasons posts all about the adverse effects of those two drugs. The excerpt from yesterday’s post:

Earlier today, I asked the FDA to respond to a statement made by Harvard child psychiatrist Janet Wozniak, wherein the doctor claimed that the FDA accepted the validity of the hotly-debated child bipolar disorder. That was news to me, since the diagnosis does not exist in the DSM and many child psychiatrists such as Jack McClellan and Larry Diller, both affiliated with major medical schools, even claim that the child bipolar diagnosis is not real.

Addendum: Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry also posts on this topic, and points to a John Grohol post at Psych Central, also on child bipolar. Dr. Grohol rightly points out that the FDA logic for sanctioning this diagnosis is circular…


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One thought on “FDA and Child Bipolar”

  1. I would like to get back w/you when I can carve out a little time. I am a journalist. There are many Qs about Abilify for adults as well.

    There are big, fundamental questions about how drugs are tested, on whom, by whom. And what is/is not reported to FDA from human testing. I have written over the years on who are the subjects of human testing. About a month ago, New
    England Journal of Medicine revealed major companys’ use of skid row people – very poor, often homeless, alcohol addicted — for test subjects. I reported on use of prisoners in Massachusetts for commercial drug testing, by major corps.

    On Abilify, the side effects for adults were devastating, terribly impairing in 2004 shortly after it came on market.

    I live in Blacksburg, Va. now — am from Boston MA, actually.


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