Changing Landscape of Infidelity

The New York Times ran an interesting article on marital infidelity recently. One of the openers is that of women polled face-to-face one percent admitted to infidelity. On a computer questionnaire the number was up to 6 percent.

It’s hard, on the verge of an election that has been heavily polled, not to wonder if similar dynamics are at play. Are people really willing to report what they’re doing (or about to do).

The article notes that infidelity among men is probably related more to social pressures and situational factors than inherent differences in sex drive. A related finding, not in the article, contradicts that finding: Among couples male homosexuals have the greatest amount of sexual intercourse. Heterosexual couples follow that. And lesbian couples have intercourse less frequently. Of course, it’s just research — your mileage may vary.


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