What is psychotherapy: Part 3

Not a blame game.
Psychotherapy is not about complaining endlessly about past injuries. It is not about painting family members as cause of all our problems. It can be about understanding one’s perceptions of past and present events and how those perceptions color our views of our daily life. Some misunderstand psychotherapy as playing a blame game, not accepting responsibility. Quite the reverse, psychotherapy encourages us to examine and challenge our own perceptions (which may or may not resemble historical truth) of the past. It is important to examine perceptions, because it is our perceptions which shape how we perceive our current world, and inform our decision making and actions.

When solutions become problems.
Often the problems we bring to therapy represent our best solutions to our problems — but they are solutions that have stopped working, and in some cases have become new problems. Psychotherapy is an intervention to help us not repeat endlessly the same unproductive solutions.

And yes, originally posted some years back. There’s also a part 4, which you can find here. Links to the other entries in the series can be found under the “Psychotherapy?” tab near the top of the page, under the blurry illustration.


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