Even More from the Mindfulness Blog

  • Mind Training “Many of us are slaves to our minds…” Sound familiar? You might want to click on the link to read the rest of the quote.
  • Happiness Beyond Thought – Gary Weber Weber is an interesting guy who claims to have reached a “nondual state”. For some, that may provoke eye rolling. For others, just a blank look. Weber is down to earth and describes his remarkable experience of stopping much of his thinking.
  • The Mighty Avalanche of Hype: Does Mindfulness Mean Anything? Mostly a link to a great NPR article in their Cosmos and Culture section about the hype surrounding “mindfulness”. Methodically addresses the key issues.
  • How to Get Into Jhana. That’s one of the initial stages of bliss that is commonly referred to in the “maps” of meditative progress. Here meditation teacher Bodhipaksa matter of factly describes a method for attaining this state of bliss.
  • The New Wave of Meditation Teachers. If you associate meditation with aging hippies, the fetishizing of Eastern culture, and similar trappings — meet the new folks. Meditation 2.0.
  • Is Meditation Narcissistic? A pithy quotation from Ken Wilber on a question always worth asking. One of the key questions that keeps people away from meditation. And, oh, it *can* be true. But it isn’t *necessarily* true.
  • Impermanence. A simple story about Ajahn Chah related by Mark Epstein. If you’ve ever read about this Buddhist idea and found it too philosophical and vague — give this a quick read.
  • Loving Kindness. A practice that gives many people trouble. So many of us have trouble directing affectionate feelings toward ourselves. So how to sidestep this?