Therapy FAQ

Here are some questions about psychotherapy I address on this site. The compilation of the pieces is available as a free ebook, Psychotherapy: Frequently Asked Questions, below the list of the eleven blogs.

  1. Why people seek help.
  2. Am I depressed?
  3. Getting curious about psychotherapy?
  4. Five common fears about therapy.
  5. Excuses for not seeking therapy.
  6. How to choose a therapist?
  7. What is psychotherapy? Part 1.
  8. What is psychotherapy? Part 2.
  9. What is psychotherapy? Part 3.
  10. What is psychotherpay? Part 4.
  11. When does therapy end?

The free ebook, Psychotherapy: Frequently Asked Questions, which is a lightly edited compilation version of the above posts, with added closing thoughts thrown in. You can download it by clicking here:

psychotherapy faq

Posts in this vein are tagged under “FAQ about psychology” in the right hand column under the heading “categories”. [Note: In some browsers this will appear at the very bottom of the page.]





3 thoughts on “Therapy FAQ”

  1. Does Anyone Trust Psychotherapists?

    I don’t trust psychotherapists. Many of them are in College Fraternities (Secret Societies). There is nothing that you can tell these people that will be kept confidential. These Secret Societies are being put into every position of power. They have created an invisible society within our society. If a potential employer (who is in a Secret Society) or a government agent wants to know your deepest darkest secrets, this “psychotherapist” will tell them everything about you (without a warrant). They are loyal to their Fraternity, above everything else, and it is ultra secretive. This is the big secret that the “mainstream” American public doesn’t know.

    People often wonder why Secret Societies are soooo secretive. Its because if you don’t know about it, you can’t complain that your rights were violated. They will say, “it never happened!” I was sexually assulted by these people as a child, and as predicted, they are saying “it never happened.” My blog:


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