Doubt Is Our Product

Here’s a brief quote from a Psychology Today interview with David Healy, author of Let Them Eat Prozac. I got wind of the interview from the ever vigilant Furious Seasons, and these are excerpts from that website:

“Well, I think what Donna’s story above illustrates is that pharmaceutical marketing departments are actually the postmodernists par excellence. They treat the human body (including its disorders and complaints) as texts to be interpreted one way this year and in just the opposite way a year or two later.

“In contrast, when it comes to the hazards of these drugs—just like the tobacco companies before them—the motto of Pharma has become ‘doubt is our product’-—they simply refuse to concede that their drugs are linked to any hazard at all . . . until the drug goes off patent. You cannot get a better definition of postmodernism than “doubt is our product.'”

Really, the interview is worth checking out. The headline starts: Bipolar disorder and it’s biomythology.