11 Misconceptions About Mindfulness Meditation

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If you’re interested in how we might apply mindfulness concepts in your own psychotherapy — and you live in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area — why not call for a free consult? I’d be glad to talk with you about mindfulness and psychotherapy. Mindfulness interventions are especially effective in dealing with depression, anxiety, problems with impulse control and distractedness, to name just a few.

Found a classic meditation text, Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Henapola Gunaratana online for free. Shambhala publications re-released the book last year in a new, improved version, which you can find here, amongst other places. Again, these are common misconceptions:

1. meditation is just a relaxation method
2. meditation means going into a trance
3. meditation is a mysterious practice which cannot be understood
4. The purpose of meditation is to become a psychic superman
5. meditation is dangerous and a prudent person should avoid it
6. meditation is for saints and holy men, not for regular people
7. meditation is running away from reality
8. meditation is a great way to get high
9. meditation is selfish
10. when you meditate, you sit around thinking lofty thoughts
11. A couple of weeks of meditation and all my problems will go away

If you’re curious how they are misconceptions you should read the book. It covers the important points quite clearly. Chapter 2. “What Mindfulness Isn’t.” As I said you can find it for free, as a PDF file here. But if you are really curious about this mindfulness stuff, this is a book I can recommend. Even if you put down the ten dollars it will be worth your while.

From 2012. Same stuff applies.


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